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Central Middle School
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Phone number: 847-386-1810 - Elizabeth City Office - Daniel Plyler

Addendum 2 - Issued August 16, 2017

Scheduled revised. Packages due 4:00 PM August 24, 2017 . See revised Appendix C for complete schedule.

Previous form has been replaced with Addendum 2 document. If you have already submitted your form you do not need to resubmit.

Addendum 1 - Issued August 03, 2017

Previous form has been replaced with Addendum 1 document. If you have already submitted your form you do not need to resubmit. Five bid packages were added or modified. Other changes were clarifications only. All requirements for self-scoring have been removed.

A. R. Chesson Construction has been chosen as the Construction Manager at Risk by the Gates County Public Schools for the partial demolition, construction and renovation of the Central Middle School located at 362 US-158, Gatesville, NC 27938.  

Demolition consists of approx. 35,000 SF including asbestos abatement. Approx. 12,000 SF of renovation includes roof work, windows, HVAC, plumbing, and interior finishes. New construction consists of 41,000 SF of educational space (including an approx. 6,700 SF PEMB Gym), construction type IIB with light gauge metal studs and trusses, brick veneer, and mechanically attached single-ply membrane roof. ARCC is actively soliciting to pre-qualify subcontractors to bid the following packages:

BP 01000     Final Cleaning and Services

BP 02410     Building Demolition/Asbestos Abatement

BP 02420     Selective Demolition

BP 03000     Cast In Place Concrete

BP 04200     Masonry

BP 05100     Structural Steel, Misc. Metal, Open Web Joists

BP 05300     Light Gauge Steel Trusses, Metal Roof Deck Material

BP 05310     Light Gauge Steel Trusses, Metal Roof Deck Labor

BP 06100     Rough Carpentry

BP 06200     Cabinet/Millwork, Finish Carpentry

BP 07500     Roofing, Flashing, Sheet Metal work

BP 07900     Caulking & Sealants

BP 08110     Metal/Wood Doors, Frames, Hardware Material

BP 08120     Metal/Wood Doors, Frames, Hardware Labor

BP 08300     Coiling/Specialty Door

BP 08400     Alum. Windows, Storefront, Glass/Glazing

BP 09200     Light Gauge Metal Framing, GWB, Sheathing, Batt Insul.

BP 09300     Ceramic Tile

BP 09510     Suspended Acoustical Ceiling

BP 09600     Resilient Flooring, Carpet

BP 09640     Wood Athletic Flooring

BP 09840     Acoustic Wall Treatment

BP 09900     Painting

BP 10110     Markerboards. Tackboards

BP 10140     Signage

BP 10210     Toilet Partitions, Toilet Accessories Material

BP 10220     Toilet Partitions, Toilet Accessories Labor

BP 10440     Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

BP 10510     Lockers

BP 10750     Flagpole

BP 11660     Athletic Equip.

BP 12210     Window Treatments

BP 12350     Lab Casework

BP 13340     PEMB Turnkey

BP 13350     PEMB Erection Only

BP 13360     Bleachers

BP 22000     Plumbing

BP 23000     Mechanical

BP 26000     Electrical, Fire Alarm

BP 27000     Intercom, Phone, Data

BP 31100     Site work, Site paving and concrete, Site Utilities

BP 31310     Soil Treatment

BP 32310     Permanent Chain Link Fencing

BP 32900     Seeding, Landscaping


Historically underutilized business participation is highly encouraged. Elements of the work may be combined or broken down to facilitate minority participation at the discretion of the Construction Manager. Interested contractors shall submit their completed the pre-qualification package no later than

4:00 PM THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, 2017.

Packages shall be submitted via website or hardcopy. The pre-qualification package and requirements can be downloaded below. Submit email to be notified of any changes. Incomplete or late packages may be deemed non-responsive. Bid Invitations will only be issued to the pre-qualified subcontractors for bidding.

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CMS Prequal-CompanyName-BP
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CMS Prequal-Special Construction Inc.-BP 10110,BP


A. R. Chesson Construction is an equal opportunity employer.