Continuing Green Initiatives

A. R. Chesson Construction promotes sustainable and ecologically friendly worksites by using “Green” construction methods and recycling whenever possible. An area of concern is the amount of scrap metal that is directed to area landfills from our dumpsters.  In an effort to reduce this waste, our firm negotiated an arrangement with Empire Recyclers of Lewiston, NC. Empire has agreed to provide scrap metal recycling dumpsters for selective jobsites that produce significant metal waste. Empire will collect the scrap metal collected from those jobsites which will reduce the amount of landfill waste and recycle the scrap metal to a useable form.  A. R. Chesson Construction takes pride in this partnership and actively seeks other ways to reduce waste and promote environmental sustainability. This is one of the many ways that A. R. Chesson Construction is committed to “Quality Construction through Expertise, Efficiency and Integrity”.