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All Williamston Office inquiries shall be directed to williamston@archesson.com.

All Elizabeth City Office inquiries shall be directed to elizabethcity@archesson.com.

Contact the bidding office (Williamston or Elizabeth City) to inquire about reviewing plans in office and availability of documents in local plan rooms for purchase.

A. R. Chesson Construction is an Equal Opportunity Employer.    
We encourage Minority & HUB participation.


If you have a login or an access code, go to https://secure.smartbidnet.com/LAQB

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To View the Project Information/Plans and to Respond, please use the following information:
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If you received an invitation to bid from SmartBidNet and you have technical questions about accessing a project you were invited to bid on or using the SmartBidNet subcontractor portal, contact the User Support Team at (888) 808-8319 or support@smartbidnet.com for help.